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talking from side of mouth

Hi all!

Quick intro, and then on to the questions:

I'm American, my husband is Finnish. We live in Finland with our 3yo daughter and our 9mo son. I speak strictly English to the kids, daddy speaks only Finnish. Our home language between hubby and I is English, and although my daughter speaks Finnish to my husband, I answer or pipe in in English--resulting in mixed language family conversations. My daughter has no problem switching between the languages--they are entirely unrelated languages. A child psychologist, her daycare workers, and our nurse and pediatricians at the well-child clinic have all remarked at how expressive she is in both languages and how fortunate we are that she flows between them so nearly seamlessly. So far, so good.

Lately, she's been doing this thing where she speaks English out of the right side of her mouth. This gives her a slight lisp. My husband hasn't noticed she does this in Finnish, however. It doesn't happen all the time, but enough that it makes me wonder what the cause could be. I know from my own experience that I have to switch where I speak from going from English to Finnish, and up until now I haven't suspected my daughter has any trouble deciding where she should speak from in either language.

So my question(s): Is it developmentally normal for kids to experiment with where they speak from in their mouths? I really haven't a clue. Does anyone have some helpful advice from their own experiences to share? Should I ask her about it or bring it to her attention in a non-shameful manner, or should I just wait a few weeks to months without saying anything and just let this possible phase run its course? Could someone provide some expert or medical links to read more about speech development that might be related to this issue? My googling skills are full of fail on this particular topic, unfortunately.