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Intro Post and Question

Name: Eli	
Age: 27
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Children: 1
Your languages: 1st: English, native 2nd: Spanish, mostly fluent 3rd: Arabic, pretty basic
Languages spoken by your spouse: 1st: Spanish, native 2nd: English, pretty basic
Targeted languages for your children: English, Spanish
Why do you want them to be bilingual/multilingual? I don't even see it in terms of want/desire. It is as necesary as speaking in the first place
How would you describe your child/children language skills so  far? He is a pretty good cooer.
Best/funniest/cute moment(s) you want to share? So far, it has all been pretty cute!
Do you have any fears/concerns? I fear confusion see next question.
Anything else you want to share? This is my situation, I am interested in your pov
 regarding the best way to procede. 
1. Our son is 3 months old. I have been speaking English 100% when we are alone 
(my son and I) I am a stay at home mom right now, so that's a lot. 
But when my husband comes home I speak to him in Spanish and our son in English 
about 50-75% of the time in the evenings and on weekends. 
In public, without my SO, it's about 90% in English. Im not sure if this is ok.
To further the potential confusion we will be moving to the US from Mexico and 
I was thinking it might be best that we speak Spanish in the home (both of us)
The reason I feel the need to go back and forth from English to Spanish is because
 sometimes I want my SO to be involved in the conversation.
Will my switching languages lead to confusion? What should I do?
2. Regarding confusion. Our son's name is Dominic Elias. 
We wanted to give him an American and Mexican name. My SO really likes Dominic.
I like both names, but it is proving futile to try to get anyone to pronounce 
or spell it right. 
They pronounce and spell it like "Dominique" it is driving me batty. 
They just cant pronounce the short i, and automatically want to put the syllable 
on the syllable not the first. 
So I made the executive decision that he goes by Elias to Spanish speaking folks.
 a.k.a. my in-laws. 
But I like Elias, and would call him that myself, but my SO really wants him to go 
by Dominic. I like both the names.
I know that my situation is totally SNAFU please straighten us out! 


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Nov. 3rd, 2009 10:04 am (UTC)
How would you describe your child/children language skills so far? He is a pretty good cooer.

Haha, this made me laugh.

I think it's fine to switch back and forth at home--we do it all the time, just because it's easier. Both my husband and I are English-speakers, but our daughter comes home speaking Hebrew from daycare, and it's too much of a struggle to speak to her only in English. Eventually she'll work it all out.

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