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I was told today by one of my 2.5-year-old's daycare teachers that she [my daughter] doesn't speak at all at daycare. She didn't really seem concerned, she sort of just mentioned this in passing, but is this normal at all?

Background: She does seem to be behind the other kids her age when it comes to language skills, but that's a far cry from not speaking at all. At home, she talks all the time. She's shy, but she's been at the same place with the same kids for over a year. She comes home and tells me about her friends, and sings the songs that she learns there, etc. Plus, this is the first time I've heard from any of the caretakers that she doesn't speak.

She [the teacher] attributed it to the fact that we speak English at home, and the daycare is all in Hebrew. But I don't see how that explains it, because Chaya (my daughter) speaks mostly Hebrew at home. Her sentences are almost all Hebrew, sprinkled with English words. Is it possible that she's confused between the two languages and because of that, is embarrassed to speak at daycare? I don't really see embarrassment as an issue at her age, but I'm trying to think of something to explain it.

Or is it maybe more common that I think for kids who speak at home not to speak at daycare?

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