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Rosetta Stone Programs

Has anyone ever had any success with the Rosetta Stone programs and programs like it?
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  Children:<br />
  Your languages:<br />
  Languages spoken by your spouse:<br />
  Targeted languages for your children:<br />
  Why do you want them to be bilingual/multilingual?<br />
  How would you describe your child/children language skills so  far?<br />
  Best/funniest/cute moment(s) you want to share?<br />
  Do you have any fears/concerns?<br />
Anything else you want to share?</u></strong></p>

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My turn to introduce myself.
I am Vanessa, 36 in a few days, French with an English hubby. I have a 5 and a half months old daughter, called Tess. I am a French and German teacher, but currently a stay at home mum. I have lived in the UK since 96/97 and moved back to France for a year or so recently and then moved back here, due to my husband's job. We still have our home in France, and plan to go back when possible. So as you can see I am in-between countries, it's a little unsettling at times.

My hubby has been trying to learn French for years, and although he knows a little, he cannot hold a conversation, I tried everything, but no success there. So now I am hoping he will learn French with his daughter.

I tend to speak French to Tess 90 % of the time, but English slips back in on and off, mainly because that's the language I speak most of the time, and I think and dream in English, most the time. When I moved back to France, French started taking over a bit more.
Hubby speaks English with Tess 99% of the time, and tries the odd word and sentence in French. It's cute.

I guess our aim is to make sure that she will not only be bilingual but truly feel English and French ( as she is) I want her to understand both cultures and feel a part of both. I just wonder how much of it is truly possible, when you live in one country to feel part of another.

By her 3rd birthday ( when she'll start school 'Maternelle') we want, for me at least, to be in France 100% of the time. So I plan on making sure that we'll have all the books, the TV, the food etc , possible, from the UK. I don't want it to be foreign to her. Plus my hubby is so English, lol, she can't escape that!


Hello everyone =)

My name is Nathalie, I'm 27 and mom to a 9 month old (tomorrow!) daughter named Sigrid. My SO and I are both Belgian but he's from the French speaking part (Wallonia, where we live) and I'm from the Dutch speaking part. We mostly speak French together as he isn't very well versed in Dutch, but Sigrid's first words have been in Dutch. In time I plan on adding English, German and perhaps Spanish to the mix (in which I have a good, working and basic knowledge respectively), if only to form her ear to the sounds. I myself was raised mostly bilingual (Dutch/French) and found this to be a very enriching experience, I now have a knack for languages and I hope to do the same for our daughter.

Glad to meet other parents who want to do the same!


Hi Everyone! I have a 20-month-old son named Niv. My husband is Israeli and I'm American. I took Hebrew in college but am far far far from fluent, but my husband speaks both Hebrew and English very well. When Niv was born, we swore that daddy would only speak to Niv in Hebrew, and mommy in English, but we're finding that very hard. Since daddy can't speak to mommy in Hebrew, we feel like Niv isn't getting enough exposure. Also, my husband works very long hours late into the evening, so during the week he only spends like an hour or two with Niv in the mornings, and he sometimes forgets to speak Hebrew to him since he speaks English all the rest of the day. We do have Hebrew children's books that both of us read to him (mostly daddy because my accent is atrocious, haha).

We think Niv understands Hebrew, or at least some Hebrew, but so far the only Hebrew word we're sure he says is Abba - daddy (which, granted, is quite satisfying).

Also, he only started talking in any language at about 14 months - and that was sign language! Then he busted out with a couple of English words at 16 months and now has about 40 English words that he uses well, but, as I said, no identifiable Hebrew except Abba. Plus, he's at daycare all day where he speaks and hears only English.

Does anyone have suggestions for other ways we can encourage him to speak Hebrew or help him learn more? We really want Niv to be able to talk with his Israeli family (grandparents, aunt, and cousins all live in Israel), but it's not looking good for us right now. Should I go out and get fluent, too? :)

Thanks for making this community! What a great idea!


Well, Having looked everywhere for a comm about bilingual parenting and not finding anything resembling one, I decided to go ahead and create one. It's brand new so I have nothing planned or thought through yet, but feel free to start posting, introducing yourself, your circumstances, sharing, or asking about anything related to raising a child with 2 languages or more.
I'll be sharing the responsabilities for the comm with larksong who kindly offered to help.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for the comm, let me know:)